Poems & Short Stories

A Man's Last Effort

"Hurry!" His voice was squeaking, sounding like a choking bird in its last breath. His face red and smeared with brownish substances, made worse when he wiped it with the back of his hand. "I said hurry! Get me another one!" This time he was panting hard. Harder than a minute ago. His chest moved fast with every breath he inhaled. Up and down almost refusing to slow down. He knew it. He knew that this would happen again. Those young men! What do they know about anything at all! His voice was shaking followed with a little chuckle. "Damn you!" His shout was like an erupted volcano. "I paid you for nothing!" he took his fist and pushed it up in the air almost knocking down his wife's nose which was just inches away from him."Be patient dear," his wife tried to persuade him. "Ah...damn! The rain is not helping either!" He sat on the floor. "Put this one under here!" His order was military like. "That one... put over there!" He wiped his wet face with a wet towel. The room's air condition was running amidst the hassle. He stood up and looked at his new leather sofa. He shook his head left and right. "It's all ruined!" There was no indication that the storm would subside. The thunder kept roaring and the rain fell heavily on the roof. "Ahh... over there! Hurry!" He shouted at the top of his lung. Suddenly a loud sound from above jolted the couple. A steady heavy flow of water poured heavily on their heads. Big and small pieces of hard materials were scattering on the floor. The roof was gone. The rain took over his house. He dropped the pail from his hand."We don't need this anymore." He surrendered. 

All About Love

Brown eyes, Curly Locks
Sweet Smiles
Gentle Walks
Two Angels, Lollipops
Silky skin, High Pitch Notes
Teddy Bears
Pink and Purple Sneakers

Sweet Lullaby, Dancing Steps
Tap, Tap, Tap
Pulling hairs
Screaming souls
Jumping Ropes
and Mosquitoes.

Where can I see such awe if not in your eyes
Your gentle hugs make me fly
Imaginations run faster than thunder
Big dreams to catch butterflies!

Simple gestures make you laugh
In your voice I know you love
One day away I miss you dearly
Two happy musings wait tenderly
At the doorstep you sit
With a big smile you greet
Lovely Angels, Beautiful Faces
My strength, My Souls
Though cliche it might be
The Angels in you will always be.

To talk about you is to talk about life
To think of you is a must
In my mind, my deepest soul
All about you is
All about love.